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#VoteHoney! Make America bueno again!
Stephanie Marie Anderson

27 Sep 2016 - 11:02 AM  UPDATED 27 Sep 2016 - 11:02 AM

So remember how yesterday everyone was speculating about what was going on with the cast of Will & Grace? Was it a reunion special? A new episode? A limited series?

So there's definitely, probably a 'Will & Grace' reunion episode coming?!?
"What's this, what's going on, what's happening?" - every 'Will & Grace' fan right now.


This morning, a new 9-minute scene dropped, featuring Will, Grace, Jack, Karen, and even Rosario back and better than ever, talking about the U.S. election, and honestly, there are more jokes in this clip than in the last two seasons combined, so I'M NOT EVEN MAD it's not a full episode.

Dropped just ahead of the first presidential debate, Will and Grace try to convince Jack to vote for Hillary, while Karen, friends with "Donnie", is busy trying to convince Jack to "make America bueno again!"

Watch the full clip below:

It's so perfect, I want to cry.

From the 50 Shades of Grey reference, to Karen returning from a weekend getaway with Donald and Melania with a Trump sticker slapped on her Hermes Birkin bag, to Grace not actually knowing the difference between Mexico and El Salvador, to Karen BUILDING A WALL to "keep [Rosario] out of the main house", to Jack being furious about Brangelina's breakup (an incredible reference, as the scene was shot roughly 24 hours after the A-listers announced their split), the clip stays true to the show from start to finish, and it. Is. Flawless.

Okay, that's all, I have to go start re-watching the series from the beginning again.