Stephanie Marie Anderson

18 Nov 2016 - 1:41 PM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2016 - 1:42 PM

After more than 10 years in the industry, Lisa and Jess Origliasso - AKAThe Veronicas - are back once again with their new single "On Your Side" - a certifiable BOP with a music video that serves us passion, violence and addiction.

The video, which also serves as Ruby Rose's directorial debut, depicts a story of two girls who meet and fall in love. This part is great for all of us who are lowkey shipping the real-life romance between Jess Origliasso and Ruby Rose because it involves heaps of shots of them gettin' their pash on and being hella cute.

Things take a turn for the dramatic as the video progresses, though, depicting a violent bar fight between Ruby and a man who aggressively hits on Jess at a bar. The fight leaves Ruby hospitalised, and shows the relationship between her and Jess deteriorate as she develops and addiction to painkillers.

In the end, the video is "a true-to-life look at the passion and protection of two people falling in love and, ultimately, a love that cannot be broken," says Jess, who was super-stoked to work with her boo on the project.

"Working with Ruby, someone who naturally aligns with and embraces powerful and impassioned narrative, was an organic step forward for The Veronicas and an inspiring and rewarding experience for everyone involved," she added.

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And Ruby was equally excited, saying that it was the lyrics of the song that inspired her to script out the music video.

"Some songs tell the first chapter of a story others only tell the last but here I was listening to a full narrative of someone’s sincere experience with love," she said. "It stood out to me and like any great narrative you wanted to know what was going to happen next. Some months later when the girls spoke about making a video it occurred to me they had never done an entirely narrative based video. One without the use of singing to camera. I felt compelled to write a short film for it and see what they thought.  They loved the idea of it and asked if I wanted to be in it. A few days later we shot it over a weekend in Auckland.”

#JUBYForever, basically.