• Justin Timberlake spoke to his young fans about inlcusion. (Youtube)Source: Youtube
"Anyone that is treating you unkindly it's only because they are afraid or they have been taught to be afraid of how important you are."
Michaela Morgan

6 Mar 2017 - 3:48 PM  UPDATED 6 Mar 2017 - 3:48 PM

Justin Timberlake has spoken about the importance of inclusion—regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender identity—in an acceptance speech at the iHeart Radio awards in California.

Timberlake took home the Best Song trophy for "Can't Stop The Feeling", his hit single from the animated film Trolls, and used the win as an opportunity to give the unifying speech.

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"If you are black or you are brown or you are gay or you are lesbian or you are trans or maybe you're just a sissy singing boy from Tennessee," he said.  

"Anyone that is treating you unkindly it's only because they are afraid or they have been taught to be afraid of how important you are.

“Because being different means you’re making a difference. So, f*ck ’em.”

You can watch the full speech below: