"We all must remember that one great show or character or news story can alter our culture permanently."
Michaela Morgan

8 May 2017 - 11:17 AM  UPDATED 8 May 2017 - 11:19 AM

Debra Messing was honoured at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York this weekend and used her platform as an opportunity to speak out against the Trump administration.

After receiving the GLAAD Excellence in Media Award, Messing emphatically told the audience: “It is time to make America gay again!”

She went on to speak about the important role GLAAD has played in her life and the impact that television can have in shaping the cultural landscape.


“Since this is about excellence in media, I want to applaud everyone in this room and beyond whose work is changing the game for the LGBT community and other marginalised people.

"We all must remember that one great show or character or news story can alter our culture permanently.

“I should know, I starred in one of the most iconic gay show of all time—Smash!” Messing joked.

“Entertainment and news media shape not only culture but decisions made in court rooms, classrooms and yes, even voting booths.

“Now more than ever we have got to get to work—which is why I’m so happy Will & Grace is coming back in September.”

Messing continued to say that so far, 2017 has “sucked”.

'Will and Grace' is officially returning to TV
The show is returning with 10 new episodes, over a decade since the series finale aired in 2006.

“Our democracy and humanity is under attack but unless you are an unenlightened, straight, cisgender, white male, you are a target.

“That means, that makes us all a target,” she said, gesturing around the room.

Messing urged the audience to raise their voices and call their representatives but also made a special plea to Ivanka Trump.

"You can change the lives of millions of women and children just by telling your dad stories about real people who are suffering.

“Don’t let him separate immigrant mothers from their American-born children," said Messing.  

Troye Sivan wins GLAAD award for anti-homophobia efforts
Australia’s Troye Sivan has won GLAAD’s Stephen F. Kolzak Award, presented to a member of the LGBTIQ community for their work in eradicating homophobia.

"Don’t let him take health care away from women who need it.

“Don’t allow him to make trans kids like Gavin [Grimm] fight in court for their basic human dignity.”

The awards night also included powerful speeches from Whoopi Goldberg, Trevor Noah, Angelica Ross and a surprise appearance by Rosie O’Donnell. 

You can watch Messing’s entire acceptance speech below: