The trailer for the much anticipated Rainbow Riots LP has been released.
Michaela Morgan

30 May 2017 - 10:23 AM  UPDATED 30 May 2017 - 10:25 AM

LGBT+ musicians and performers from some of the most notoriously anti-gay countries have collaborated on a protest album that raises awareness about the danger they face from their communities. 

Rainbow Riots features artists from countries including Uganda, Jamaica and Malawi—although many of the contributors have chosen to remain anonymous to protect their safety. 

The record has been produced by Swedish musician and human rights activist Petter Wallenburg who decided to create the album after witnessing a police raid during Ugandan Pride celebrations. 

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“Our lives are already in danger – it doesn’t help if we keep quiet.”

“Imagine that your very existence is a crime and that the police, authorities, and lynch mobs chase you simply because you are who you are,” Wallenberg says.

“I created Rainbow Riots as a movement to fight for freedom against tyranny."

The album's first single 'Equal Rights' features pro-gay Jamaican rapper Mista Majah P and has already been picked up by the UN as part of their Global Goals campaign. 

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The record will also feature tracks by a transgender Zulu singer and a queer rapper from Malawi and proceeds from sales will go to Wallenburg's Rainbow Riots charity. 

The full album is set for release on June 16.