"Drag Race Thailand is not letting me breathe!!!!"
Samuel Leighton-Dore

21 Feb 2018 - 10:50 AM  UPDATED 21 Feb 2018 - 10:50 AM

With RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 moving into overdrive and a premiere date set for RPDR Season 10, you'd be forgiven for missing the highly anticipated premiere of Drag Race Thailand last week - but fans around the world are already gagging for the extreme runway looks being served up by the 10 Thai queens.

“We have seen an overwhelming global demand for scripted and unscripted content illuminating the stories within drag culture,” World of Wonder co-founders Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato said of the show.

“What was previously thought of as niche is now undeniably mainstream. World of Wonder will continue to bring meaningful, fabulous, filled-with-love entertainment to fans both on screen and off.”


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Discussing inevitable comparisons with RuPaul's Drag Race, Bailey added: “Drag is part of the Thai culture, in some ways more than it has been in the US, historically speaking. Even though they are following the format, I want them to bring their own inimitable style and characteristics.”

He continued: “They should bring their own creativity, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. And I think they are doing that!”

Drag Race Thailand is the first international spin-off of the popular drag competition and is fronted by Thai stylist and designer Art Arya, alongside co-host and Bangkok queen Pangina Heals.

Following the original show's format, Drag Race Thailand sees 10 queens fight for the title of Thailand's next drag superstar.

The queens are: Dearis Doll, 30; Natalia Piarcam, 37; Amadiva, 24; Bunny Be Fly, 25; Année Maywong, 30; Petchara, 30; Meannie Minaj, 26; JAJA, 34; Morrigan, 18, and B Ella, 30.

The show is expected to premiere for international viewers later this year.