• 'Drag Race UK' fans are pushing for the Frock Destroyers to hit the Eurovision stage. (BBC 3)Source: BBC 3
The drag girl group currently have the #3 song in the UK with 'Break Up (Bye Bye)'.
Samuel Leighton-Dore

5 Nov 2019 - 11:28 AM  UPDATED 4 Feb 2020 - 9:50 AM

Any Eurovision tragic knows that the UK doesn't have the strongest track record. In fact, they haven't taken out the top position in over 20 years.

Which begs the question: is it time to lose the acoustic guitars and start shaking things up?

Enter: newly formed drag queen girl group, the Frock Destroyers.

Drag Race UK viewers will recognise the group as drag queens Baga Chipz, Blu Hydrangea, and Divina De Campo, who won last week's girl group challenge with their stirring rendition of instant summer bop 'Break Up (Bye Bye)' - which is currently sitting at number 3 on the UK's music charts.

Now local Drag Race fans are campaigning for the fictional group to represent the UK in the world's biggest singing competition (Eurovision, duh), with a change.org campaign on the verge of cracking 5,000 signatures.

According to Wolfgang Ludwig, who started the Change.org petition, the drag group represents the perfect antidote to arguably same-same entries of the past few years.

โ€œThe UK has long suffered dreadful entries that are not a true representation of our country, providing dreadful results,โ€ Ludwig wrote.

"Recently we have seen one of the best things to happen to UK TV and Pop Music, RuPaulโ€™s Drag Raceโ€™s very own Frock Destroyers smashes it with their song 'Break Up (Bye Bye)' currently in the top 3 of the UK charts.โ€

As Australians prepare to select their next Eurovision entrant with Eurovision: Australia Decides, this is one non-Aussie act we could really throw our weight behind.

You can listen to 'Break Up (Bye Bye)' below:

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