• Jonathan Van Ness is set to release his first children's book. (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
"Growing up, the things that made me unique were not always celebrated."
Samuel Leighton-Dore

13 Jan 2020 - 3:55 PM  UPDATED 13 Jan 2020 - 3:58 PM

Queer Eye grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness will soon be able to add 'children's book author' to their impressive resumé, with news that their first picture book, Peanut Goes for the Gold, will be released in March.

According to People magazine, the book is be about a nonbinary guinea pig named Peanut, who is determined to chase their dreams in the field of gymnastics.

In a statement, the book's publisher, Harper Collins, described Peanut Goes for the Gold as "a charming, funny, and heartfelt picture book that follows the adventures of Peanut, a gender nonbinary guinea pig who does everything with their own personal flare."

The description continues: "This upbeat and hilarious picture book, inspired by Jonathan's own childhood guinea pig, encourages children to not just be themselves - but to boldly and unapologetically love being themselves."

The 32-year-old podcast host, author and fashionista said that the book was inspired by the challenges they faced as a child.

“Growing up, the things that made me unique were not always celebrated, and I wanted to do something that would inspire kids to celebrate the things that make them special,” Van Ness, who came out as nonbinary last year, told People.

“With that being said, I’m so excited to announce my debut children’s book, Peanut Goes for the Gold, an inspiring story of a guinea pig rhythmic gymnastics prodigy.”

Harper Collins executive editor David Linker described the opportunity to work with Van Ness as "a dream come true."

“He’s an absolute inspiration. Just like Peanut, Jonathan embodies the idea that no dream is impossible when you put your whole heart into it, and I’m so thrilled to have had the opportunity to help Jonathan translate that spirit into his amazing first-ever book for kids.”

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