• Fans of 'Schitt's Creek' are taking their love for the show to a whole new level. (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
The 'Ew, David' license plate has been registered in more than 34 US states.
Samuel Leighton-Dore

26 Feb 2020 - 12:10 PM  UPDATED 26 Feb 2020 - 12:10 PM

Fans of popular comedy series Schitt's Creek have taken their fandom to a whole new level, registering 'Ew, David' car license plates dedicated to Annie Murphy's character, Alexis, and her beloved catch-phrase. 

The TV show's official Twitter account brought the trend to everyone's attention yesterday, pointing out that people in 22 US provinces, territories and states had registered variations of the plate.

"It is wild that, as far as we can tell, people in 22 provinces, territories and states in North America have some kind of #ewdavid license plate," the account tweeted.

It added: "You are an amazing bunch. We'll update this map as and when we see more."

Naturally, the number quickly started to grow, with fans sharing photos alongside their respective 'Ew, David' license plates.

Before long the number grew to 29.

Then to 34.

"North Carolina still isn't highlighted but there's still a lot of Ew, David love here in the Tar Heel State," one follower tweeted alongside a personal snap.

"My friend Kari is representing Minnesota!" Another wrote, sharing a photo of their friend alongside her personalised plate.

The final series of Schitt's Creek is currently airing in Canada, with Australian fans eagerly anticipating the yet-to-be-announced release on Netflix.

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