• Adult performer Kenny has appeared on 'The Daily Show' to discuss his mission. (The Daily Show)Source: The Daily Show
The porn performer has already raised over USD$6,000 for the candidate's campaign.
Samuel Leighton-Dore

5 Mar 2020 - 3:41 PM  UPDATED 5 Mar 2020 - 7:50 PM

He might be a bottom, but adult performer Kenny is determined to see Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren on top - even after a disastrous return at the polls during Super Tuesday earlier this week.

Kenny, an avid Twitter user and OnlyFans (an adult video platform) content creator, has opened up about his non-traditional contribution to the Warren campaign, appearing on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last night. 

“One Elizabeth Warren fan has been giving you more than just fliers to throw away,” reporter Desi Lydic says at the beginning of her interview the adult performer.

The idea behind his approach is super simple: donate to Elizabeth Warren and you get to see him naked - and it's working, with the 25-year-old already raising over USD$6,000 for Warren's presidential bid.

"Anyone who shows me proof of a donation to the Elizabeth Warren campaign, I give them one month of free access to my personal porn account," he explains.

If that wasn't clear enough already, Kenny elaborates: "I love Warren. I love her policies. So I give free access to my OnlyFans account and I post videos of myself having sex."

Look, sex positivity AND political engagement? It sounds like a winning combination. However, with growing pressure mounting (ha) for Warren to drop out and endorse Bernie Sanders, is Kenny about to call it a day?

“I’m super bummed with the results of Super Tuesday - and I think I speak for a lot of people, in addition to Warren democrats,” Kenny said in an interview with Out.

“This entire race we’ve listened to candidates come for Biden and supporters drag Biden through the mud, even resurfacing his anti-LGBTQ+ past, attacking Anita Hill, voting to send our troops to Iraq, and the list goes on. It took 3 candidates dropping out for everyone to rally behind Biden and all their supporters to rally behind Biden.

He added: “We saw Bernie supporters even rally behind Biden while the media even gaslit us into believing, or trying to believe, that Warren has no chance in this race so what was the point.

“Warren is strong as hell, put up an incredible fight, and had an honest, fact-filled campaign. I will support Warren until she tells us to stop and I’ll inevitably, like our three drop outs’ supporters, support her endorsement, but after Super Tuesday I think Biden is going to come through to snag the nomination which is something I don’t think anyone saw coming.”

Kenny's approach to fundraising isn't new.

Earlier this year, numerous sex industry workers in Australia and overseas sold naked photos online in order to contribute money to the Australian bush fire fundraising efforts - with Kaylen Ward, a self-dubbed 'Naked Philanthropist' reportedly raising over a million dollars.

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