• Curdin Orlik has become Switzerland's first openly gay professional athlete. (Instagram)Source: Instagram
He's the first openly gay professional male athlete in Switzerland.
Samuel Leighton-Dore

11 Mar 2020 - 11:34 AM  UPDATED 11 Mar 2020 - 11:34 AM

Wrestler Curdin Orlik has made history, becoming the first openly gay professional male athlete in Switzerland.

Orlik shared the news during an in-depth interview with local publication The Magazine, revealing that he knew he was gay since the age of 12.

“For far too long I have pushed out who I really am,” Orlick said.

“I am not someone who kisses in front of people, but I want to lie down with a man and be able to touch him... I always knew that I was gay, for sure since I was 12. But I thought: this is wrong, it cannot be."

He continued, explaining how the language he was surrounded by as a child lead to a sense of shame in who he is.

"I heard things on the school building square [like] ‘you gay pig,’ ‘you faggot.' Or in soccer, ‘such a gay pass!’ Even when swinging [wrestling].

"Sure, nobody really meant that, but if you’re like that yourself, you think, ‘Shit, that’s not a good thing.’ I thought: I don’t want to be gay. But it’s me. Now it’s out.”

Orlick, a champion of Swiss "swing" wrestling, has a son with his ex-wife.

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