• Celebrity chef and author Nigella Lawson praised for championing trans rights. (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
"We stan a trans rights-affirming culinary queen."
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1 Sep 2020 - 12:15 PM  UPDATED 1 Sep 2020 - 12:15 PM

Nigella Lawson has been widely praised by the LGBTQ+ community after sharing an article from a former “gender critical feminist” who changed her views after her nephew came out as trans.

The piece, shared by Lawson with her 2.6 million Twitter followers, details writer Nora Mulready's shift from her belief that being trans was a “millennial fad”, to recognising "trans acceptance as a civil rights issue" as she saw her nephew thrive. 

"Although I was in some ways supportive, changing pronouns and the name I called him, inside I found it challenging and hoped this ‘phase’ would pass,” Mulready writes in The Independent

But as time went by, she committed to putting her assumptions aside to "listen" and "learn". 

"I watched and I waited, I saw my nephew thrive, I met many wonderful trans people who simply wanted to live their lives...Over time my views changed," writes Mulready. 

Lawson tweeted the story to her followers, with the comment, "A still small voice of calm.” 

Fans and LGBTQ+ support groups were quick to thank the author for calmly standing up for trans rights.

Some drew immediate contrasts between Lawson and author JK Rowling's widely criticised transphobic comments

And it appears that Lawson has a solid track record of supporting trans rights. According to Pink News, the cookbook author has shared an article about non-binary pronouns earlier this year, as well as donating to a fundraiser to pay for the funeral cost of a trans student whose parents refused to claim his body. 

Perhaps her fan and follower Jessica Townsend said it best, "We stan a trans rights-affirming culinary queen."