• A grandmother has revealed to her granddaughter that she prefers women. (Tik Tok)Source: Tik Tok
"I just like women anyhow," the grandma admitted. "I've never liked men that much."
SBS staff writers

9 Sep 2020 - 10:52 AM  UPDATED 9 Sep 2020 - 10:55 AM

In some much-needed reprieve from the never-ending news cycle of doom and gloom, a grandmother is going viral on Gen-Z video-sharing app Tik Tok - and for the sweetest of reasons.

Tik Tok user Aimee made the video following a conversation with her grandma - a conversation in which the pair touched on some new territory. Namely, her grandma's attraction to women.

"I said if I ever got involved with anybody again, it wouldn't be a man, it would be a woman," the woman says when her Aimee turns the camera on.

"I do like women, I like women much more than men."

Aimee questions her grandma - are we talking about sisterly love? Or "do you prefer women's bodies?"

"I think so, yeah" the grandmother answers after a moment's thought.

"I think boobs are nice."

"I think the penis ... not that keen on it," the woman adds, earning herself instant icon status.

"I just like women anyhow," the grandma goes on. "I've never liked men that much."

When pressed on whether she would be open to re-entering the dating scene, Aimee's grandma replies: "At the moment Aimee, all I want to do is survive."

Big same.

"This is absolutely the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen today!" One social media user wrote in response to the video.

Another tweeted: "This is SO PURE AND LOVELY!! Wishing the best of luck, love and health to this total poppet!"

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