• The Sydney Stingers gay water polo team. (Supplied)Source: Supplied
They're doctors, lawyers, nurses and architects, but they're also Stingers. Meet the men behind Sydney's competitive gay water polo team.
Michaela Morgan

26 May 2016 - 11:22 AM  UPDATED 3 Mar 2017 - 5:27 PM

Water polo is considered to be one of the most difficult sports in the world.

“It’s energetic, it’s frantic, it’s brutal,” says Cameron McRae, a member of LGBTIQA+ inclusive water polo team, the Sydney Stingers.

He says that teams like the Stingers are helping to break down the stereotypes of masculinity that exist in the sporting world.

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“When it comes to any sport I think most people expect a certain level of manliness or there’s some template for how you’re meant to be when you play a game.”

McCrae says that water polo is an excellent way to maintain physical and mental health and that it’s important to push for anti-homophobia and inclusivity across all sports.

“One chat, one visit to Mardi Gras, one game in a pool, one swim session, whatever it’s going to be can just change the way things go from then on. It’s really important.”

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