SBS Explores Identity

Explore what makes us who we are – from genetics to our cultural roots, from our shared passions to our individuality.

SBS Explores Identity

What makes us who we are? We take a look at what makes us who we are through a series of stories, news and programs. From genetics to cultural roots, through to shared passions and individual identities.

Born in the Middle East, to a Palestinian family, Shadi migrated to Australia 6 years ago and says Australia gave him the freedom to be himself. Working as an...
Nick Kaldas was one of Australia's highest ranked cops and 'probably as Australian as the next guy,' but he says identifying with his Egyptian heritage is still...
Does Jan really know where she is from?
Shunned by their home Myanmar, and facing an increasingly hostile reception elsewhere, Dateline hears the personal stories of the outcast Rohingya Muslims.
The 70's pop icon embraces his Scottish roots, but it doesn't make him any less Australian.
Women's rights campaigner Eman Sharobeem migrated to Australia from Egypt as a child bride. She says Egypt gave her an education but Australia gave her a voice.

DNA Country

A precious store of Aboriginal hair, collected last century, may now tell a story tens of thousands of years old.

DNA Nation starts Sunday 22 May 8:30pm on SBS

DNA Nation

Who are we? And where do we come from?


Australia’s greatest Olympian Ian Thorpe, iconic Indigenous actor Ernie Dingo, and TV presenter and Queen of Eurovision Julia Zemiro set off on an epic journey of genetic time travel to find out.

n this final episode, Ian's in the grasslands of Kyrgyzstan in the former Soviet Union to discover how his ancestors' horse-taming skills and the invention of the...
‘Genetic cousins’ is the term used in DNA Nation when Julia Zemiro and Ian Thorpe travel to meet their own genetic cousins – and what they discover is totally...
As part of SBS's DNA Nation, Ernie Dingo (accompanied by fellow travellers Julia Zemiro and Ian Thorpe) took off on an epic journey of genetic travel to find out...
As part of SBS's DNA Nation, Julia Zemiro (accompanied by fellow travellers Ernie Dingo and Ian Thorpe) took off on an epic journey of genetic travel to find out...
Ian Thorpe, Ernie Dingo and Julia Zemiro are about to become some of the first people in Australia to use DNA to go on a ...
Dive into the genetic soup with these fascinating documentaries.
What’s your cultural background? Find out how unique your tribe is with our ancestry mixer.
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