Biology, wildlife, conservation and the rest of the natural world

Lumps, hair, soreness and bumps - 'embarrassing' body issues aren't solely happening to humans
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ee, ee, ee! Shouting monkeys may have more sophisticated vocal abilities than we give them credit for.
From the tiny ant to the humpback whale, scientists and engineers are mimicking the biology of nature's greats.
Alfred is a fossil of one of the earliest relatives of today’s baleen whales… Yet it doesn’t have baleen
Creatures in our oceans are helping sea-grass thrive by ferrying pollen between plants.
Ants are fascinating; they occur in almost all ecosystems and can communicate effectively between each other. New research shows they're leaders in agriculture...


Explore the night skies, planets, galaxies, and beyond

The Cassini spacecraft has sent back photos of Saturn's northern hemisphere and there's a hurricane going on
The colour compounds from the light of a star could be used to determine its existence. It's hard work, but a group of Australia-led surveyors are hoping to find...
An astronomer lays out the facts about rare moon encounters.
Trust rocket scientists and engineers to make the best animatronic holiday decorations.
Could 234 distinct civilisations really be sending the same pulses?
Planetary scientist Monica Grady explains what Asgardia is all about - and the challenges it faces.


Where are we heading and what is it going to look like?

Around the clock, scientists are monitoring the Earth beneath us, surveying the oceans and working to decipher the human body. Machines are employed to help but...
From the tiny ant to the humpback whale, scientists and engineers are mimicking the biology of nature's greats.
With more energy comes more heat.
The HandSight camera sees the words and a computer reads them out.
It aims to prevent human errors that sometimes cause complications.
Did you know ultrasound is already used by advertisers to push ads to your devices?
Getting computers to recognise other cars is surprisingly difficult, but a realistic video game can help.
The crazy climate technofix

Some posit geoengineering as a radical fix to climate change. Others say the risks are too high and its proponents mad. Welcome to the debate where science fiction meets climate science.


Environment, climate and other topics concerning our planet

A feathered dinosaur tail preserved in mid-cretaceous amber around 99-million years ago has been discovered in a market in Myanmar, shedding new light on the evolution...
With Victoria and New South Wales on alert of severe 'thunderstorm asthma' warnings, we look at what's going on with our weather and exactly how it's affecting...
Global temperatures continue to rise at a rate of 0.10-0.15°C per decade.
Here's what abandoned fishing equipment is doing to our north-eastern waters.
However, making an exact price forecast is tricky, writes Roger Dargaville.


Looking under the hood - into our bodies and minds

While reality dating show arrangements might seem unusual, they’re often pretty similar to mating strategies in the wild.
Dengvaxia is the first dengue vaccine on the market. New research conducted for the World Health Organisation shows the vaccine could reduce dengue...
What's actually going on when your ice-cold drink gives you a piercing headache?
Scientists have found that extra nitrogen from a high carbohydrate, low protein diet can allow bacteria to grow in a way that compliments an animal's gut.
Ever noticed that chilli is such a popular ingredient in hot countries?


The building blocks of our universe, and the method of science itself

The list is short, with big caveats.
The role of the traditional journalist is vital, whatever platform used.
Just plant some spinach atop a minefield and reap the answers.
Debate on animal experiments is often misguided, argues neuroscientist Stuart Baker.
The long-running Australian teen magazine is teaching our kids' the right stuff.

Indigenous science

Sharing the knowledge and the heritage

In order to increase the number of Indigenous Australians participating in science, CSIRO's Indigenous STEM Awards celebrates and supports Indigenous Australians...
Ancient jewellery tells stories of the complicated behaviours of our ancestors, and recently discovered septum accessory in The Kimberley is oldest bone jewellery...
Six-year-old year old Ruby will never get to see her favourite animal, the Black Rhino, because it was made extinct by humans. Ruby wants to make sure no one else...

DNA Country

A precious store of Aboriginal hair, collected last century, may now tell a story tens of thousands of years old.
Nominations are open for the inaugural Indigenous STEM awards by CSIRO.