• When science and art combine. (Twitter)Source: Twitter
Now that science art is totally a thing, artists are taking to Twitter to share their amazing creations in a dedicated hashtag campaign.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

8 Mar 2016 - 5:02 PM  UPDATED 8 Mar 2016 - 5:02 PM

The #SciArt hashtag has fast become one of the most underrated places to check out on Twitter. A virtual art gallery for all things combining science with art, here you can find creations from huge installations, to comics, and everything in between.

Artists who create science-inspired work are varied - some are illustrators who painstakingly craft scientifically accurate imagery on commission for those times when a photo just doesn't cut it; others are creative people who find inspiration in the scientific world. From Nature journal covers to social media to tattoos, these days sciart is finally everywhere.

The Twitter hashtag has been trending over the past week thanks to a "tweet storm" orchestrated by the science art blog Symbiartic over at Scientific American. With a concerted effort to "share the variety and importance of art as it relates to science", it naturally began trending quickly, and the results are beautiful. 

To showcase some of the incredible talent out there, we picked just 24 of the most beautiful #SciArt works.

 1. This beautiful depiction of flora life.


2. This adorable recreation of the beginning of life on Earth.


3. This scientific breakdown of the most important substance known to man.


4. These masks, that make germs glamorous.


5. This detailed sketch of sea life.


6. These indigo ink prints.


7. This light-reflecting orchid.


8. This thought pattern.


9. This aquatic adventure in eDNA.


10. This grand installation that makes soil look more appealing than ever.


11. This endearing eyelash.


12. This anatomically correct Valentine.


13. This close up image of your cleanser's exfoliating qualities.


14. This snap of the colourful chemicals that make soap.


15. These x-ray images, that prove flowers are beautiful inside and out.


16. This work-in-progress shot of a brain.


17. This crafty cell embroidery.


18. This star-chart shawl.


19. These fine art formations.


20. These pretty-as-a-picture crystals.


21. And these copper sulfate crystals.


22. This incredibly detailed depiction of what lies beneath.


23. This space age leaf.


24. And this incredible sunburst.

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