From the universe to the Twitterverse, gravitational waves are trending - with some people taking the chance to post their witty 140-character contribution.
Shami Sivasubramanian

12 Feb 2016 - 1:23 PM  UPDATED 12 Feb 2016 - 1:59 PM

The reaction to the new gravitational waves discovery has been massive, and understandably so. A phenomenon predicted by Albert Einstein nearly a century ago has finally been confirmed with a direct observation.

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Gravitational waves detected by scientists in a historical first
For the first time ever physicists have detected evidence of gravitational waves, the final prediction of Einstein’s general relativity.

Naturally, where there's a trending hashtag, there are Twitter jokes, running across a spectrum of wittiness. We couldn't help but to round up some of the funniest - or lamest, depending on how you approach this - responses to the gravitational waves discovery. Beware, here be puns, too.

1. This one that failed to grasp the gravity of the situation.

2. The one about a force to be reckoned with.

3. The one that just had to bring politics into it.

4. The one that had its priorities straight.

5. This one that took a slingshot at anyone who forgot just how cool Einstein was.

6. The one that put things into relative perspective.

7. This one that tried to make it relatable.

8. This unsettling one from the gravitational wave itself.

9. This one pretending it wouldn't be a big deal.

10. This one that makes us wish we payed attention in physics class.

11. This one that just had to be done by someone, although still isn't funny.

12. And this one about the ~important~ issues.

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