• Photograph of astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, taken by Neil Armstrong at the first moon landing 1969 (AAP)Source: AAP
Even if you know that the Eagle will land perfectly safely, this state-of-the-art audiovisual experience will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Sophie Verass

4 May 2016 - 1:47 PM  UPDATED 4 May 2016 - 1:47 PM

On July 20, 1969 the voice of Neil Armstrong crackled through the speakers at NASA’s Mission Control in Houston with the famous words, “the Eagle has landed”. It was a major historical event which signalled a milestone for human achievement - followed in due time with "One small step..." 

Back then, thousands around the world engaged with their black and white televisions and ham radios to bear witness to the Apollo 11 mission, the first time a human would set foot on the Moon.

Some people have shared their memories online, like a Reddit user who posted

'My Dad worked at the Cape. I was 6, and remember a bunch of his co-workers and their families over at our house in Titusville, Florida watching on TV. Dad took me outside afterward and we both look up at the moon... And he said, There's two guys up there right now! he says to me. One of my earliest and coolest memories."

For those who were not there 47 years ago, the internet has provided. Web and software producers Thamtech have preserved the moment for anyone to experience.

FirstMenOnTheMoon.com is a full-on interactive replay of the Eagle lunar landing, which includes Apollo 11 spaceflight footage, communication audio, mission control room conversation, text transcripts and telemetry data.

This audio-visual experience is a product of extensive research, exploring data and compiling content, and the result is a detailed and accurate experience giving you a chance to relive history, regardless of whether you have a passion for scientific exploration.

The footage is riveting - as the two astronauts approach the lunar surface, you can hear the countless “Rogers” between Capsule Communicator Charlie Duke and Flight Director Gene Kranz while simultaneously watching the view available to Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong as the Eagle descended. There is a timeline which also guides you to the crucial moments in the mission including program alarms and the ‘Go No-Go’ polls in the control room.

Creators of this captivating experience have said that their First Men on the Moon program "takes pride in providing visitors with a glimpse into mankind’s enduring spirit for exploration."

Impressed commenters on Reddit had many things to say about Thamtech’s moon landing in real time:

and of course ponder on the important questions...

Experience the Lunar Landing of Apollo 11 here - and let us know what you think @SBS_Science!

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