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“We cannot do it in the open because of fear of arrest.”
Videos posted to Twitter showed same-sex couples defiantly kissing as law enforcement officers carried participants from the crowd.
Men don't need to disguise their makeup as aftershave - and they certainly don't need to be afraid of calling makeup what it is.
Members of the trans community in China are being driven to buy black market hormones and self-medicate by ongoing discrimination and hurdles to gender-affirming...
“For my family and me we simply can’t walk away until this draconian law is no longer on the books.”
A magical chronicle of free love and queer life in San Francisco, 'Tales of the City' began as a weekly column, surviving one newspaper folding only to flourish...

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"When [the fans] see this show, they are going to flip."
"I’ve never seen anything excite and unify queers quite like this news."
Fan favourite Nina West was also followed on Instagram by Rihanna.
Louis Theroux has spoken about his experience attending an all-boys boarding school.
Rose said the opportunity to play the queer Batwoman was a 'win' for the LGBTIQ+ community.
The Hollywood heavyweight used her Met Ball outfit to make a real statement.

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Web Exclusive Friday, February 15, 2019 - 00:00
In this brilliant and yet confronting film, Ari (Alex Dimitriades)...

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