“A great tribute to lives lost and a reminder to keep on living in pride.”
Michaela Morgan

13 Oct 2017 - 12:44 PM  UPDATED 13 Oct 2017 - 12:44 PM

The city of Orlando has installed a rainbow crossing as a memorial to the 49 people who were killed by a gunman at gay nightclub, Pulse in June of last year. 

Thousands of people signed a petition requesting the installation as a way of commemorating the lives lost in what was, until recently, the worst mass shooting in US history.  Most of the victims were queer people of colour. 

“We, the people of Orlando, respectfully request the installation of a Rainbow Crosswalk at the intersection of South Orange Avenue and Kaley Street to honor both the memory of the victims and the struggle of the survivors from the Pulse nightclub shooting,” the petition reads. 

“Rainbow crosswalks have been installed in cities from coast to coast to acknowledge and support their LGBTQIA citizens and, in Atlanta, Mayor Kasim Reed recently announced that their temporary one would be made permanent in dedication to the victims of Pulse. 

“It is only fitting that the intersection of Orange and Kaley bear a similar commemoration as it has become a crossroad to the world with thousands of visitors from around the globe continuing to visit the Pulse memorial site to pay their respects.”

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The city of Orlando will hold a range of memorial events on June 12, to pay respect to the 49 lives lost in the tragic mass shooting that occurred a year ago today at LGBTQIA+ nightclub, Pulse.

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"They were good people," Eddie says of his friends Juan and Drew, who lost their lives that night.

Those who signed the petition wrote down why the colourful memorial was so important, imploring Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer to approve the installation. 

One person wrote: “A great tribute to lives lost and a reminder to keep on living in pride.”

Another said: “As a part of the LGBTQ community and a morally responsible person I believe that we should honour the lives of the victims of the Pulse shooting and their families. 

“We should be reminded on how far we have come and how far we have to go when in comes to inclusion and acceptance in this country.

One signatory said: “I worked at the hospital that night and it would mean so much to me and a lot of others.”

Atlanta installed four rainbow crossings at one intersection in June this year to remember victims of the Pulse shooting.

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