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My partner’s understanding and acceptance of every aspect of me has helped me to accept myself too.
What they saw was a hijab binary that didn’t allow for complex, contradictory people to exist.
The first time I told my mother that I was bi, she scoffed that I was 'too young' then ignored me.
In an area adjacent to one of the queerest suburbs I have ever known, I had to come out, yet again, to a health professional presuming I was straight.
I was in crisis. I fasted for 80 days. I vowed I wouldn't stop fasting until Allah gave me a sign and told me what he wanted me to do with my life.
I was raised in and still live with a strict Filipino Catholic family where my options are straight or straighter. The compartmentalisation required to keep my...
Finding competent and knowledgeable medical practitioners can be a challenge in itself, and many trans people still experience harassment or outright refusal of...


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"I'm in Hollywood for good now bitches!"
Speaking as part of Variety's 'Pride' issue, Gadsby spoke out against the slate of new US anti-abortion laws.
It was a simple acknowledgement of new love, and those who were really happy to hear about it.
"I immediately knew that there was no choice left but to deal with this."
Sivan is bringing The Bloom Tour to Australia and New Zealand later this year.
Pantene has re-imagined its iconic 1986 'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful' campaign to celebrate LGBTIQ+ beauty and diversity.

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