• Aaron Carter attends the LA Pride Music Festival And Parade 2017. (Gabriel Olsen / Getty Images.)
“This doesn’t bring me shame, just a weight and burden I have held onto for a long time that I would like lifted off me.”
Chloe Sargeant

7 Aug 2017 - 11:59 AM  UPDATED 7 Aug 2017 - 11:59 AM

Noughties pop icon Aaron Carter has come out to his fans in an emotional letter on social media.

"There’s something I’d like to say that I feel is important for myself and my identity that has been weighing on my chest for nearly half of my life," he wrote.

"This doesn’t bring me shame, just a weight and burden I have held onto for a long time that I would like lifted off me."

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The 29-year-old singer told his fans that he is bisexual, explaining that he is attracted to both men and women, and has been since the age of 13. 

“I grew up in this entertainment industry at a very young age and when I was around 13 years old I started to find boys and girls attractive," he explained. 

“There were years that went by that I thought about, but it wasn’t until I was 17 years old, after a few relationships with girls, I had an experience with a male that I had an attraction to who I also worked with and grew up with.”

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The singer, who confirmed yesterday that he had split with his long-term girlfriend Madison Parker, ended his note with a quote from Boy George: "I’ve never felt as though I didn’t belong, I just acted as though I did."

The singer followed up on his touching 'coming out' letter with a tweet this morning, thanking his followers for their support. 

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