• Miss Tish Ewe says business is booming. (Twitter)
Some parents complained that the teacher's drag act was "lewd".
Samuel Leighton-Dore

4 Dec 2018 - 2:41 PM  UPDATED 4 Dec 2018 - 2:42 PM

A head teacher moonlighting as a drag queen? It might sound like a relatively simple concept, but it's one that some parents in the UK are having a tough time accepting.

According to the BBC, it recently came to light that 39-year-old teacher David Livingstone, the head of Horatio House in Lound, Suffolk, was touring his drag act on weekends, hosting private gigs and raising money for various charities. 

Dubbed the "Queen of Quay Pride and Great Yarmouth", Livingstone's drag persona is named Miss Tish Ewe and has a small presence on social media - including a Twitter account.

While some parents were quick to label Livingstone's drag work as "lewd", the independent school is standing by the teacher, saying he brings "considerable expertise" to his role.

The school reportedly admitted that Livingstone's drag act was considered prior to his appointment, but that it did "not believe that the two jobs are incompatible, and agreed with Mr Livingstone clear guidelines to ensure that there is a separation between his two jobs, including the use of social media in promoting his act".

Following the slight outcry, Livingstone took to Miss Tish Ewe's social media accounts, saying that business was booming.

"I’ve raised vast amounts for charities through my act up and down the country, had standing ovations and demands for encores at every show. It’s an act, A storyline with a character. If you can’t separate the difference that’s your issue - not mine!" She tweeted.

She added: "Inundated with booking enquiries. 2018 is full and 2019 filling up rapidly! When they are gone, they’re gone!"

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