• Bo Peep makes a return in 'Toy Story 4'. (Pixar)
Bo Peep's incredible feminist makeover, channels major 'lesbian energy', according to queer fans.
Samuel Leighton-Dore

1 Feb 2019 - 12:27 PM  UPDATED 1 Feb 2019 - 12:27 PM

Fans of Pixar's Toy Story films have taken to social media to celebrate the highly anticipated return of Woody's one-time love interest, Bo Peep, who is set to make a splash in Toy Story 4.

One reason behind the excitement is Bo Peep's incredible feminist makeover, which some members of the LGBTIQ+ community believe channels major 'lesbian energy'.

The powder-pink Handmaid's Tale bonnet? Gone.

The skirt? Ditched in favour of a more comfortable pair of trousers.

Oh, and she rocks a CAPE.

Annie Potts, who returns as the voice of Bo Peep, addressed the makeover in a statement: “She is modern, independent, capable and confident. Bo is written and conceived to be inspiring as she has weathered life’s ups and downs with grace."

She added: "I aspire to that.”

The fourth Toy Story installment sees Woody embark on a perilous journey to rescue Bonnie’s new craft-project-turned-toy, Forky - only to find Bo Peep, who has rescued herself from the obscurity of being a forgotten toy.

You can watch the teaser for Toy Story 4 below: