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In Mary Oliver, the LGBTIQ+ community saw a queer woman unafraid to speak about life, love and loss.
“New York can be a model for the nation when it comes to standing up for transgender and non-binary people, who deserve to be treated fairly and equally under the...
Karen Pence has returned to the school, which bans teachers from "homosexual or lesbian sexual activity" and "transgender identity".
"I am not doing this for fun - I didn't choose to be a woman."
Entertainment greats are mourning the loss of the 'Hello Dolly!' star.
The world is so different and diverse to what it was when I was growing up. I revel in the fact that I live in an era that has seen real, tangible progress for...
“There’s been a powerful shift in the ideas that filmmakers want to talk about."

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While some fans of the original 'Roswell' were disappointed by the new direction, others embraced it.
"The climate is different, the culture is different and our views are different."
“It is a big controversy for many but I hope my feature will open doors to bio queens and drag kings around the world to be more accepted and loved."
“I don’t completely feel like a man, I don’t completely feel like a woman."
"Abbi’s not the fumbling idiot we’re used to seeing, trying to ask someone out. It feels more real."
"Came for Gillian Anderson, stayed for complex and open discussions about sex, relationships, body politics and queerness."
"There’s a million different queer perspectives and we’re only scratching the surface."

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In Tehran's underground art scene, two teenagers, Atafeh and...
SBS2 Friday, January 18, 2019 - 02:00
Zoe's regimented life is thrown into upheaval when she...

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