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“That our focus has been so preponderantly on the sending, not requesting, of sexts underscores the exact problem we need to address.”
“Maybe when we speak too freely about sex last night as though we were speaking about a new pair of socks, we destroy something essential to sexual desire: The...
Helen Grace James, now 90-years-old, has decided to take a stand, filing a lawsuit to get her discharge upgraded to honourable.
High-profile queer players are calling for the arena to be renamed.
It's confirmed: Chelsea Manning has filed to run for a Senate position in Maryland.

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We haven't seen a fight this fierce since Ross and Rachel were on a break.
"My My My!" is just what you need to start the weekend right.
It's now confirmed the pop superstar and LGBTQI+ icon will headline the official Mardi Gras Party in March this year.

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