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The printing company's CEOs have been forced to issue an apology.
The move could drastically affect the LGBTQI+ community especially transgender patients, those with HIV as well as women seeking reproductive care.
“[It was] a world where I didn't have to hide or pretend to be interested in marrying a girl. To be able to have that control, to basically see what I wanted come...
Korean gay men, Sangwoo Lee and David Han tell SBS Korean that it is hard to come out in Australia's tight-knit Korean community in Australia as it can be quite...
“That our focus has been so preponderantly on the sending, not requesting, of sexts underscores the exact problem we need to address.”

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"We challenge them to go beyond their own limited perception of themselves."
A fresh fab five is coming in February.
'Drag Race Thailand' is happening this year - so who are the hosts filling RuPaul's (size 12) heels?
You can catch 'Queerly Beloved' at Midsumma on January 19 and at the Mardi Gras Festival on February 26-27.
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