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Helen Grace James, now 90-years-old, has decided to take a stand, filing a lawsuit to get her discharge upgraded to honourable.
High-profile queer players are calling for the arena to be renamed.
It's confirmed: Chelsea Manning has filed to run for a Senate position in Maryland.
The Advocate General's advice could overhaul how same-sex spouses are recognised, especially in countries where governments oppose marriage equality.
"The precedent in the Seventh Circuit is definitive: schools cannot single students out because they are trans. Period."

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"My My My!" is just what you need to start the weekend right.
It's now confirmed the pop superstar and LGBTQI+ icon will headline the official Mardi Gras Party in March this year.
"The truth of the matter is that we have tons of work to do still... people still don't quite understand."
Midsumma Festival runs from Jan 14 – Feb 4, and there's plenty of great queer shows to check out!

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