• Perth Glory owner Tony Sage (left) said he will dismiss CEO Jason Brewer (centre) if new salary cap allegations against the club are substantiated (Getty) (AAP)Source: AAP
Perth Glory owner Tony Sage has pledged to sack CEO Jason Brewer if new allegations of salary cap breaches are proven after Football Federation Australia (FFA) served the club with a second show-cause notice on Wednesday night.
David Lewis

1 Apr 2015 - 9:45 PM  UPDATED 1 Apr 2015 - 9:45 PM

But Sage insisted that the latest move by FFA does not centre around a third party payment of $150,000 to star striker Andy Keogh, as reported by Fairfax Media on Wednesday.

Rather, he said, it focused on “travel, accommodation and matters like that”.

“I met with the FFA today (Wednesday) and my CEO is on to it but it has nothing to do with Andy Keogh," Sage caimed.


“My CEO and his staff assure me 100 per cent that we are under the cap, even though some things were not previously disclosed.

“I have said to the CEO if he is wrong and the FFA is right, he is out of a job. He said if he is wrong he will fall on his own sword.

“It’s up to the FFA and the CEO to get together and decide who is right and who is wrong."

Should FFA find Glory culpable, the club could face sizeable fines and possiby even the loss of competition points in a scenario which could potentially shatter its A-League finals campaign.

According to Fairfax, which Sage said he is suing over an article written two years ago that he alleges defamed him, Republic of Ireland international Keogh was paid $150,000 through a bank account held by a family member, listing the transactions as payments relating to a Perth fashion festival.

While Keogh is involved with one fashion label, the paper added, that the payments were related only to his contract as a footballer.

It went on to say that while total value of Keogh's salary is believed to be between $300,000 and $350,000 a season, the club is understood to have recorded his salary as $150,000 in its reporting’s to FFA.

Glory chiefs have been given until 8 April to respond to the allegations, which appear to include a reference to Keogh with a list of breaches including 'payments to a player's family member'.

It is alleged the breaches would place Perth Glory significantly over the $2.55 million seasonal salary cap.

The alleged infractions, according to FFA, involve failure to disclose reportable payments and exceeding the salary cap.

They include:

- The club making payments outside of the standard player contract,

- Payments to a player's family member

- Payments of player agent fees

- Payment of a third party sponsorship

- Pre-payment to a player

- Payment of travel costs

- Accommodation allowances

- Provision of motor vehicles.

Though distancing himself from the day-to-day operations of the club, Sage declared: “I have written 15 emails to the CEO asking him the question on the cap over the past six months and he, and his staff, are adamant we are not over.

“I always make sure, in everything I do, that we are not over cap and I would be shocked if we are in the wrong. It’s always been my intention to be at around 80 per cent of the cap because of financial constraints.

“These conversations (with the CEO) are documented and if he has gone ahead and done something without my, or the cubs permission, then he’s gone.

"But he assures me he hasn’t and I believe someone who has put his job oh the line."

FFA’s initial investigation concluded that while Glory had not exceeded the cap it had failed to disclose some pertinent information.

"I have nothing to do with the club's finances ... other than putting money in," added Sage. "I have 13 companies, I am travelling over 100 days a year and everything is run through the CEO.”

The latest show-cause notice comes after the one issued in February relating to the club failing to report players' accommodation, agents fees and cars for players.

“The club will respond to this notice and provide further details to the FFA as requested," said Brewer.

“The club will continue to work with the FFA in an open and transparent manner until this issue is finalised."

Sage claimed the squad had been unaffected by the backdrop of the FFA’s investigation into the club's finances, declaring: “The team has played well – and you can't say it’s had any effect on the team.

“I believe in what the coach is doing, so do the players and we are going to give the finals a big shake up. This is just a side issue."

Glory sits fourth on the A-League ladder – adrift of leader Wellington Phoenix only on goal difference, having played a game more.