• Sketching Prince for the tribute mural. (Image. Mr G Hoete Art/Facebook) (Facebook)Source: Facebook
You'll have to trek to Sydney, but it's worth it.
Sarah Norton

25 Apr 2016 - 11:55 AM  UPDATED 25 Apr 2016 - 11:54 AM

Tributes have been flowing online and around the world for the late music artist Prince, after he passed away last week. Now Australia has its very own tribute to the iconic singer.

You can find an incredible “Purple Rain” Prince tribute mural painted on a wall at 1 Speed St, Liverpool in Western Sydney.

Sydney-based artist, Mr G Hoete is the genius behind this wall art. He says he created the mural to pay tribute, and to say thank you to Prince for his life’s work.

“His music has always been part of my life. Even from when I was a child, I've always been a fan,” he tells SBS. “I also play bass and have always been inspired by his dedication to his musicianship.”

Mr G shared his mural on Facebook and wrote, "RIP PRINCE! "Purple Rain" Tribute to one of my fav artists, a creative genius & all time legend who was a major influence throughout my childhood & life... so many memories... painted at Street Uni Liverpool, Sydney Australia. Big thanks to Delise and team for the wall! FEEL FREE TO SHARE to celebrate his life & work  much luv. Mr G."

The artist painted the mural in Sydney because that’s where he lives and found the space after putting a call out on his social media channels asking for a blank wall space to paint the portrait.

The response was incredible and Mr G was offered four great wall spaces in different areas across Sydney. He opted for the Liverpool wall because it’s closest to his home.

“I chose to go with the wall in Liverpool, out West in Sydney, because I live in Penrith,” he says.

Mr G says it was a really difficult project because of the weather on the day.

“It was tough spray painting it because it was very windy. The mural took six hours to paint,” he says.

Many people have posted on the artist’s Facebook page to thank him for creating the art work and to say they have visited the site to pay tribute and lay flowers, or gestures of appreciation for Prince.

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