• Baby Spa Perth (Instagram)Source: Instagram
This company is offering hydrotherapy and infant massage for babies as young as two days old.
Sam Carroll

28 Mar 2017 - 11:22 AM  UPDATED 28 Mar 2017 - 12:30 PM

A day spa, just for babies, has opened in Perth and it is every bit as cute as you might expect.

Baby Spa Perth is part of a franchise first established in London, with the local edition run by Anita Yap and Kavita Kumar. Despite only being open for 11 months, it's already developed a loyal clientele of babies and parents alike.

"There has been amazing support for the spa from parents," Kumar tells SBS.

"It gives the opportunity to spend more quality bonding time with their little one in an open and supportive environment."

The company offers buoyant babies hydrotherapy and massage. According to the spa's website, these services can benefit baby by stimulating their circulatory system, helping them to relax, improving muscular and skeletal strength, and increasing the development of the neural networks. 

Baby Spa Perth has been quick to establish a large following on social media with its Instagram account posting an array of adorable photos of satisfied customers.

While only currently based in Western Australia, Kumar says the organisation is "assessing various opportunities Australia wide" while anyone wishing to book their baby in for a session in Perth can do so here.

The organisation's website includes client and medical testimonials but no evidence-based research is provided that is specific to the service.

However, one study shows that pre-term babies can benefit from massage via weight gain and bone density development, although caution must be taken when performing a massage on a baby.

Another study from the UK states that although massages may not harm an infant, benefits depend on how the massage is performed and massage products used. Caution must be taken when choosing a practitioner and massage oils. 

Research shows that aquatic physiotherapy can benefit some children with various health and physical issues. Yet limited research is available to prove it provides a benefit to babies. However, an international study from 2010 shows that aqua therapy helps pre-term babies to relieve pain and improve sleep quality. An Australian study from 2013 also suggests that swimming before age five can enhance a child's learning skills and help them at school thereafter. 

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