• UNICEF have collated the faces of 500 children in crisis to create Sofia (UNICEF)Source: UNICEF
Globally, 250 million children live in disaster-stricken areas
Bianca Soldani

15 Apr 2016 - 2:08 PM  UPDATED 15 Apr 2016 - 2:08 PM

UNICEF has given a face to the youngest victims of the growing refugee crisis.

By collating the images of 500 real children in emergency situations, the Swedish arm of the United Nations program have created a 3D-animated girl that they hope will raise awareness about their all too often forgotten stories.

Sofia, who has dark hair and green eyes, appears in a brief video where she details some of the realities of life for youth fleeing conflict.

“I escaped when men with guns came to our house,” she says. “I’m on a rubber boat, it’s cold and I have water to my knees… All I want is to go back to school.”

Approximately half of the 19.5 million refugees around the world are under the age of 18 and it is estimated a total 250 million children live in disaster-stricken areas.

Per Westberg, fundraising manager at UNICEF Sweden, said in a statement: "We have created Sofia to give a face to all the children that aren't visible to us”.

“Sofia is a symbol for all the orphan children, all the children that have been forced to leave their homes due to conflicts, who have stopped growing because of lack of nutrition and who dream of going to school."

Pixel Grinder, the people behind the 3D effects in Avatar, and Creative agency Edelman Deportivo collaborated to bring the very realistic CGI girl to life. Her name was chosen after it was listed as the top baby name for girls in 2015.