Stephanie Marie Anderson

12 May 2016 - 2:51 PM  UPDATED 12 May 2016 - 2:51 PM

A 17-year-old Filipino-American girl named Caitlin Delim has created an empowering selfie campaign that's taking over the internet right now.

It started in her high school English class, when she was asked to do "a project that would end with a created product," Delim told BuzzFeed.

Since May is Asian-American and Pacific Islander heritage month, Delim decided to focus the project on identity, a topic she's passionate about, and thus, #PraisinTheAsian was born.

Designed to celebrate and empower Asian identities, the campaign also encourages social media users to share their stories of being misrepresented, underrepresented, or stereotyped.

“It’s crazy that people have responded so quickly and so positively,” Delim told BuzzFeed. “I really didn’t expect for my hashtag to go anywhere outside of my circle of friends.”

First, she told Twitter what she was aiming to do:

Asked them to join in:

And then kicked things off:


The results came flooding in, and they're wonderful:


Join the party on Twitter here.