• Koe-Zee is cross-stitching done sassy. (Etsy)Source: Etsy
Hilariously quirky designs from home decor company, Koe-Zee, will leave you in stitches.
Shami Sivasubramanian

3 Jun 2016 - 3:19 PM  UPDATED 3 Jun 2016 - 4:00 PM

When we think cross-stitching, we think homely women from the 1950's sitting in their rocking chair working on a patch quoting their favourite bible verse.

But home decor business owner, and cross-stitching enthusiast, Olivia Montoya, thought 'Hotline Bling' instead.

Enter Koe-Zee: Montoya's passion-turned-home decor business established alongside her friend Kerianne Halpin. The business, which sells its wares on Etsy, features quirky, eye-catching cross-stitched patterns inspired by pop culture.



Based in Seattle, Koe-Zee's catalogue includes designs of memes, emojis, and other iconic pop culture references.



“There is a comfort that comes with working with the traditional style and a lightheartedness with the images we create that I love,” Montoya tells Mashable, elaborating on how Koe-Zee is subverting the traditional view of cross-stitching.



Koe-Zee also does a lot of custom work for client. However it means delivery time frames differ per project. Characters or lyrics take only a few hours, Montoya says. However scenes from nature, which can involve several colours, can take a full day to finish.



Koe-Zee's Instagram page features all their designs as well as some behind-the-scenes snaps of Montoya and Halpin's creative process.

Check out more of their punchy patches below:


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