• The woman behind the Hashtag movement #SouthIndianAndProud. (Twitter)Source: Twitter
South Indians have taken to the Twitter-stand to show they are proud of their diverse beauty.
Sarah Norton

7 Jun 2016 - 3:35 PM  UPDATED 7 Jun 2016 - 3:49 PM

Tricia Ferdinandt, 19, took to Twitter last week to express her (many) feelings about being South Indian. She posted a Twitter thread that was a passionate response to a previously popular Hashtag #brownszn, which referred to “brown season”.

The Singapore-based student thought the trending "brownszn" tag focused too much on North Indian beauty instead of Indian beauty as a whole.

Ferdinandt explained to Buzzfeed that North Indian and Pakastani culture was light-skin oriented. She was sick of seeing people with fair skin and “Eurocentric features” being featured on South Asian beauty accounts.

The student decided to create her own hashtag that people could use to feel proud to be South Indian; she wanted people to be proud of where they came from and to be proud of their appearance.

“The Hashtag just aims to showcase the beauty of the different ethnic groups of South India and combat the stereotype that South Indians are dark skinned,” she tweeted.

The movement has taken a viral turn and Twitter is awash with photos of South Indians who are very excited to share the fact that they’re #SouthIndianAndProud.