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People in Britain are sharing compelling stories and photos of their migrant parents, discussing what it means to be a 'good immigrant'.
Sophie Verass

22 Jun 2016 - 11:52 AM  UPDATED 22 Jun 2016 - 1:17 PM

Stories of parents who arrived in UK at young ages and under difficult circumstances are being posted on social media, demonstrating how people from India, Iran, China, Rwanda and across the globe have enriched the UK community.

Children of migrants have taken to Twitter and highlighting the important contributions made by their families with the trending hashtag, #ProudChildOfAnImmigrant.

UK author Nikesh Shukla initiated the discussion, who proudly posted a photo of his Kenyan father saying that he wanted 'immigrants' to claim back the word.

Shukla is currently producing a book of essays titled 'The Good Immigrant', which stemmed from a discussion with one of the book's contributors Musa Okwonga who said, people of colour tend to be seen as scrounging immigrants until they do something to transition into popular culture and society, at which point they become 'the good immigrant'. Shukla's work looks at race and immigration in a country that is in flux with its stance on migrants. 

People on Twitter are adding to his concept, at a very timely moment given that Brexit referendum (the UK withdrawal from the European Union) looms in British politics.

Here are some of the many contributions to #ProudChildOfAnImmigrant