• Maroua has something to say to the man behind the horrific Nice attack (Instagram)Source: Instagram
This 20-year-old blogger doesn't want France's Muslim population to be associated with the acts of radicalised terrorists.
Bianca Soldani

19 Jul 2016 - 3:44 PM  UPDATED 19 Jul 2016 - 3:45 PM

Maroua describes herself as a citizen of the world. She was born in Algeria and migrated to France as a child, and last week she saw her home in Nice struck by a horrific act of terror.

In response, the blogger – who goes by the name 'The Doll Beauty' online - has released a powerful video addressing the man responsible and terrorist leaders who seek to spread fear, division and hate.

“So, you claiming to be the protector of Islam, you claim the will to die as a martyr, you claim to be a miscreant hunter and killer,” she says in the video titled ‘Cher Monsieur le Terroriste' or 'Dear Mr. the Terrorist’ in English.

“You know pretty well that you don’t have any right or duty on people’s lives... I forbid you, in the name of all Muslims to associate your cruel, barbaric, inhuman acts to our beautiful religion which is Islam."

The 20-year-old goes on to explain that the Islamic values that she was taught are so starkly different from those she sees professed by extremists.

“Let me tell you that these people, these ‘martyrs’ have nothing in common with Muslims and are not Muslims OK,” she says. “Islam conveys peace not hate, it conveys tolerance not fanaticism, Islam conveys joy and sharing not murder.”

Addressing people who see all Muslims as potential terrorists and call for them to apologise for acts of terror, she remains resolute that she won’t apologise because they in no way represent her. 

Instead she explains, “we have to… show his dear Mr. the Terrorist that we are strong together and not divided because wake up! That’s exactly what he wants.”

Maroua ends with the hashtag "pray for the world". The video was shared on Sunday and has clocked over half a million views on YouTube where it's been met with a positive response. 

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