• These girls are calling Malcolm Turnbull to action (YouTube)Source: YouTube
Two young children call on the Prime Minister to take action on the gender pay gap in union ad.
Bianca Soldani

8 Sep 2016 - 3:53 PM  UPDATED 8 Sep 2016 - 4:22 PM

Today is Equal Pay Day and one worker's union is using it to send Malcolm Turnbull a message.

A United Voice Union ad that aired on the ABC on this morning features two pre-school aged girls calling on the Prime Minister to address the gender pay gap.

In it they say that early childhood educators are 95 per cent female and earn 30 per cent less than men with a similar diploma level of education in non-female dominated fields.

Clutching a doll to her chest, one of the young girls says, “$20 an hour to educate our next generation? C’mon!”

“So Malcolm Turnbull, if you really are a feminist,” the other demands, “you would fix this.”

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When questioned over the use of children to deliver political statements, Secretary of United Voice Union Jess Walsh, told the ABC, “Educators do important work educating future generations and this campaign is about supporting the work they do so they can do a fantastic job with children just like that.”

The union also organised a strike among some Victorian early education centres to mark equal pay day.

Striking educators pledged to clock off at 3.20pm – a time which is significant because on average, Australian men earn 16 per cent more than women in full time jobs, so if they were to finish at 3.20pm, they would earn the same amount of money as a woman who continues to work until 5pm.

Watch Billie Jean King play for equal pay in Battle Of The Sexes on SBS On Demand:

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