• Competitors take part in Lithuania's long hair contest (Facebook/Konkursas Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės Long-Haired World)Source: Facebook/Konkursas Pasaulio Ilgaplaukės Long-Haired World
Calling all Rapunzels!
Alyssa Braithwaite

17 Nov 2017 - 12:25 PM  UPDATED 27 Nov 2017 - 9:51 AM

Each year in the Lithuanian town of Kaunas  girls and women gather to take part in an unusual contest - to see who has the longest hair.

More than 170 people competed in Ilgakasė 2017 with competitors aged between two and 54.

As well as showing off their long locks on the catwalk, participants took part in the official hair measuring and a "Lithuania's Got Talent" section, where contestants show off skills such as singing, dancing, art or music,Rapunzels Today reports.

A 21-year-old student Sandra Grigonyte was named Miss Ilgakase with hair length of 166cm.

"I was surprised," she told the media.

"I was expecting maybe one of the top spots, but not the first." 

Grigonyte won an all-expenses paid trip for two to the European Parliament in Strasbourg or Brussels.

The competition has been running for eight years and Lithuania's longest hair record was set in 2013 at a length of 245cm.


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