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Both Sia and Lorde have opened up about losing their dogs.
Samuel Leighton-Dore

4 Nov 2019 - 12:09 PM  UPDATED 4 Nov 2019 - 1:04 PM

Over the weekend, singers Sia and Lorde both opened up about coping with the grief of losing their dogs, named Pantera and Pearl respectively.

"RIP pantera marvelous furler," Sia, a long-time dog lover and animal advocate, tweeted on Saturday, alongside a photo of Patera.

"You were my first born furry and you saved my life," she added.

"You'll be sorely missed. It was the best sixteen years of my life."

The award-winning singer and songwriter, who has been sober for over eight years now, later thanked her fans for the inundation of supportive messages, admitting that she'd been worried about her ability to cope with the loss.

"I figured I'd let you know that my greatest fear was pantera dying," the singer wrote in a follow-up tweet.

"I never imagined I would get through it without relapsing or joining him. The night he died, in the wee hours, your messages and old photos helped me through it, sober and alive. You should know that. Thank you."

Then, on the following day, New Zealand pop superstar Lorde sent a heartbreaking letter to her fans, sharing the news that her dog, Pearl, had also passed away.

“As anyone who has had the pleasure of raising a dog can understand, my life grew exponentially,” she wrote.

“Pearl brought an immeasurable amount of joy and purpose into my world. Love vibrated all around us.”

The singer went on to explain that Pearl's death had greatly impacted her ability to complete her third album, asking her fans to be patient as they wait for new music.

“It won’t be the same work – as anyone who has felt loss can understand, there’s a door that opens that you step through, and everything is different on the other side,” she wrote.

“But when this great loss crystallises inside me, and my chest rebuilds around it, hopefully I’ll be able to finish up, and share it with you, and we’ll all grow together, as we always do.”

In her email, Lorde explained that Pearl had suffered from illness all his life, and that even though a specialist had recently identified what medications he needed, he had taken a turn for the worse.

“I was holding him when he went, and I know he knew that I was there,” Lorde wrote. “But this loss has been indescribably painful, and a light that was turned on for me has gone out.”

Fans of the two singers rallied around them, sharing old photos and videos of both Pearl and Pantera on social media.

"Lorde's dog, Pearl, has sadly passed away," one Lorde fan account tweeted.

"This isn't a time for joking around or saying 'Where's the album', it's time to support the one person who has helped us throughout our lives with only 2 albums."

Another fan shared a video of Pearl lying beneath Lorde's piano, writing: "We're always with you".

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