• Celebrities are taking to social media to share tips and messages with their fans. (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)Source: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
"Stay. At. Home. That means you, too, spring breakers."
Samuel Leighton-Dore

19 Mar 2020 - 2:31 PM  UPDATED 19 Mar 2020 - 3:06 PM

Actors and singers around the world are taking to social media to connect with their followers during self-isolation, with some encouraging fans to heed the various social restrictions and lock-down measures being implemented around the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to be the oddly wholesome celebrity voice of reason during the coronavirus pandemic, returning to social media regularly with informative video updates.

Having first addressed the world from isolation alongside his pet donkey Lulu and miniature pony Whiskey, the actor and former California governor has now filmed a video message from his property's hot tub.

Referring to ongoing problems around 'Spring Breakers' ignoring COVID-19 restrictions, the video is captioned: "Stay. At. Home. That means you, too, spring breakers."

Smoking a cigar, Schwarzenegger begins the video by giving his fans an update on his day: "I am at home, in the jacuzzi, smoking a little... I just finished a bike ride and a bit of a workout."

He continues: "You know, keep staying at home. Away from the crowds and away from outside.

"The reason why I'm saying this, is that I still see photographs and videos of people sitting outside cafes all over the world, having a good time and hanging out in crowds.

"That is not wise," the star adds. "Because that is how you can get the virus. That's how you get it - by contact with other people. So stay away from crowds, stay away from restaurants and outside cafes."

"Especially now in Springtime, with all the kids going to the beach and celebrating and drinking... this is not a good idea."

"So stay away from the crowds. Go home. Then we can overcome this whole problem, this whole virus, in no time.

"But you've got to go and follow these orders. Just remember, stay home, put that cookie down!"

Anthony Hopkins

Actor Anthony Hopkins has taken a calm and decidedly musical approach to self-isolation, uploading TikTok videos of himself playing the piano for his cat, Niblo.

Sharing the clip to Twitter, Hopkins wrote: "Niblo is making sure I stay healthy and demands I entertain him in exchange... cats."

Judi Dench

Wearing robotic bunny ears, Dame Judi Dench showed her face on social media, bringing a smile and light-hearted touch to the general social media doom and gloom.

"Oh, there you are!" The iconic actress exclaims in the 10-second video, shared on Twitter by her daughter Finty Williams.

"Just keep laughing," Dench continues in the clip. "It's all we can do."

Dench is all too familiar with death, planting a tree in her own 'private forest' for every loved one who passes away, as a way of honouring their memories.

There are already trees named after her brother Geoff, the actor Natasha Richardson, her late husband Michael and, most recently, her close friend Robert Hardy. β€œI think of my trees as part of my extended family,” she reflects in the documentary, Judi Dench: My Passion For Trees.

Sam Neil

Everyone's favourite zen farmer uncle, actor Sam Neil, has also shared an insight into his quarantine experience - and it's every bit as wholesome as you'd hope.

"Well, like a lot of the world, I'm kind of in self-isolation at the moment," the actor says in a video shared to Twitter.

"Yesterday I did something really useful," he continues.

"I laundered all of my sneakers and I made quite a discovery. I didn't realise I had so many shoes that were pretty much exactly the same. But boy do they smell good."

"I can't really go anywhere much in them, so I'm in my slippers and I'm doing fine.

"I hope you are too."


Singer JoJo has made the most of her time in self-quarantine, re-jigging her famous 90s pop track 'Leave (Get Out)' to instead be about the struggles of self-isolation during a pandemic.

She then performed the track for fans on TikTok, with the footage being shared across Twitter and Instagram


As of Tuesday afternoon, only people who have recently travelled from overseas or have been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case and experienced symptoms within 14 days are advised to be tested.

If you believe you may have contracted the virus, call your doctor, don’t visit, or contact the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

If you are struggling to breathe or experiencing a medical emergency, call 000.

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