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A social media post posing the hypothetical question has gone viral.
SBS staff writers

23 Sep 2020 - 11:41 AM  UPDATED 24 Sep 2020 - 10:46 AM

A social media post posing the hypothetical question what readers would do if the world had no men for 24 hours has gone viral.

The top response of most of the women who responded?

Being able to walk around freely at night. 

The Tik Tok comments thread was later posted by a Twitter user who goes by the handle  'Veronica', with age 21 listed in the account's bio section. Veronica's re-post of the thread has garnered over 347,000 likes, and hundreds responses from other young people. 

"Run around at night while blasting music into my headphones," one person wrote in response to Veronica's tweet. 

"Ride bikes with my best friend at night without our guy friends having to be there for safety wearing whatever I want." 

"I'd take a moped and drive around in a big city by myself," another person wrote. 

The most humourous response goes to the Twitter user who said the best thing about the fictional scenario would be a 24 hour amnesty from mansplaining and a chance at promotion: "If this could happen, I’d spend 24 hours not re-explaining myself, only to have what I already explained said back to me, faster email responses, I’d apply to all of the C Suite jobs (worth a shot), I’d not be cat called etc," @kreevka wrote. 

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