• This young traveller hit the road for 14 days with his dad to learn that life isn't always easy (Chinanews.com)Source: Chinanews.com
Are some life lessons best learnt on the road?
Bianca Soldani

18 Apr 2016 - 9:23 AM  UPDATED 18 Apr 2016 - 9:23 AM

A father in China has taken a unique approach to introducing his four-year-old son to the hardships of life.

Truck driver Junguang Zhang last month decided to take his son on a 14-day, 540 kilometre rollerblading expedition from their home in Puyang to the capital Beijing to teach him the value of hard work and persistence.

The journey saw them skate their way across the China National Highway, starting each morning at 8am and taking regular hourly breaks before turning into local accommodation at sunset.

All in all the trip – that took place while the boy’s mother was away visiting family – cost the 39-year-old 3,000 yuan which equates to around AU$600.

Photos of the young traveller making his way across the country were shared on Weibo (a Chinese microblogging site akin to Twitter) but elicited a concerned response from many users who questioned whether a journey of that length was safe for a child.

According to the Straits Times, Mr Zhang said his son was well throughout the two-week tour and hopes to repeat the experience by taking him to a new destination each year.

The boy is no skating novice having learnt to rollerblade at the age of two, however the pair decided to give their wheels a rest on the return journey and instead jumped on a train home.