The town at the end
of the road

Pictures by Brian Cassey

Jumbun, in far north Queensland, is an Aboriginal community near Tully, the wettest town in Australia. Its 26 buildings house about 120 Girramay and Jirrbal people. Photographer Brian Cassey visited with writer Mark White in March 2017.

Jumbun is unique – and controversial – as the only housing community on land owned by the Indigenous Land Corporation, a Commonwealth body set up in 1995 by Paul Keating’s government to tackle Indigenous dispossession following the High Court of Australia's Mabo decision.

Jumbun elder Uncle Abe Muriata says bureaucracy has “never really contributed to the freedom of Aboriginal people". What needs to change? “Us,” he replies.

Uncle Sam Muriata (centre) at home in Jumbun.

A child rides home from school in Jumbun.

“Three uncles said they were looking for a piece of dirt where we can sit out all day and nobody can kick us off,” says Uncle Rob Grant - one of the original residents of Jumbun - pictured with his grandson Shakobe.

One-year-old Hayley Muriata holds a football at the children's play area in Jumbun.

Aunty Marcia Jerry, former chairperson of Jumbun township.

Children play touch football at dusk in Jumbun.