• We've rounded up the best fitness apps to get you moving this year. (Flickr)Source: Flickr
Whether it’s running a marathon or running for five kilometres, these new apps will help you achieve your fitness goals.
Caitlin Chang

14 Jan 2016 - 4:29 PM  UPDATED 14 Jan 2016 - 4:29 PM

Zombies, run!

If improved sleep and overall fitness isn’t the kind of motivation that gets you going, how about flesh-eating zombies? More than a simple jog, it’s a fight for survival as the app uses narrative to set routes, and change running speeds. You’ll hear your mission through your earphones and collect supplies along the way; and if you’re chased by zombies – it’s time to run faster.

Running Heroes

Earn frequent-runner points while you get fit. Originally from France, this start-up connects to fitness-tracking apps such as Runkeeper, Nike Plus, Map My Run and Strava to help you earn discounts and rewards. The basic premise is more kilometre you clock, the more points you get. Register online and get moving – some of the featured awards include discounted heart-rate monitors, running shoes and discounted entry into fun runs.

Rock my run

Download this app if music is your motivation. It features thousands of playlists from DJs all over the world that are designed to flow with minimal changes and can even be synchronised to your heart rate. Playlists can even be tailored to genre (such as Country, Glam Rock and Broadway), mood and type of activity, with unlimited streaming. It sure beats that tired iTunes playlist.

The Walk

Most fitness apps focus on running but what if you don’t like pounding the pavement at full speed? Enter The Walk. Like Zombies, Run! this app also uses audio storytelling to make your walking workout more interesting. You step into a game and as you walk, you’re tasked with completing different missions.


If tough love is more your thing, meet Carrot “your new fitness overlord”. The weight-tracking app uses sassy feedback to push you through its seven-minute workouts. And with moves with names like “dragon mating dance”, it’s funnier than your average workout.


Perhaps the anti-thesis to CarrotFit, YOU-app encourages you to transform your life through “micro-actions”. A visual app, it prompts you to take photos of your “micro-actions”, like making a healthy smoothie, or heading out for a cycle and sharing with your friends and followers for ‘likes’. The app tasks you with an action of the day so uploading a pic makes you accountable. And who can pass up an opportunity for a little Insta-brag?


Want to make a bet on whether you head to the gym tomorrow morning? This app let’s you do so. Make a commitment, log your workouts and once you reach or exceed your goals, you earn cash from the communal pot. And you can’t cheat, either. The app verifies that you’re reaching your goals by making sure you’ve checked-in to the gym. 


Image by Naama yn (Flickr).