All your burning questions about sex, in the palm of your hand.
Jody Phan

17 Mar 2016 - 12:08 PM  UPDATED 17 Mar 2016 - 12:08 PM

Gone are the days of Dolly Doctor or other sealed sections of glossy magazines being your resource for answers to embarrassing questions about your body.

Thanks to technology, there are now helpful and handy apps that bring sex education direct to your mobile device.

Here are the programs changing the way we access sexual health advice without feeling self conscious or embarrassed.

My Sex Doctor
This app is made for people aged 17+ and aims to be a one-stop-shop for all your burning questions about sex. You can either check out the "100 things you must know” list or explore more specific topics such as Flirting, Female and Male Organs, Menstruation, and many more. There is also another version called My Sex Doctor Lite, designed for a 12+ audience.

Sexual Health Guide
This app explores topics such as sexual orientation, safe sex practices, the effect of drugs and alcohol on sexual performance, as well as contraception methods. It also updates users on the latest news in sexual health. Downloads are limited to people aged 17+.

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Explore Women’s Sex
Whether you’re a woman who is curious about your own anatomy or a man who wants to improve your skills in the bedroom, this app has everything you need to know about female sexual arousal. Created by Dr Vivienne Cass, a clinical psychologist and sexual therapist, the app even includes a “Turn on tips” section for better sex.

Health Ed Buddy
Developed by a teacher to help other teachers lesson plan and teach their students about nutrition and exercise, drug use and teen sexual health, this app includes presentations on those topics, videos, flash cards and interactive quizzes.

SexPositive is aimed specifically at uni-age users, to provide a judgement-free destination for information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), safe sex tips and health advice. It also provides tips on how to make sure your sexual encounter is a consensual one.

Parents, Tweens & Sex
This Australian app helps parents openly discuss sexual health topics with their kids (aged 10-13) by breaking down awkward barriers. It opens up conversations about sexual orientation and social norms using interactive quizzes and videos.

While it’s not an app (yet), Bedsider is a comprehensive website for anyone looking to make an informed decision about contraception methods. It allows you to compare every type of birth control as well as provides information about where to access each type.

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