• Exes, Brett and Sabrina. (YouTube, The Skin Deep)Source: YouTube, The Skin Deep
You’re going to need tissues watching these exes talk about their drug addiction and relationship.
Mikey Nicholson

28 Apr 2016 - 2:01 PM  UPDATED 28 Apr 2016 - 2:12 PM

YouTube channel, The Skin Deep, presents {THE AND}, an intimate and confronting series featuring a variety of couples discussing personal issues in front of each other. The results can be huge outpourings of emotions for both the participants and the viewer.

Their latest episode, "Sabrina and Brett", chronicles the ups and downs of a couple, who are now exes, and how drug addiction affected their relationship with each other and those around them. 

Sabrina's breaking point comes from seeing how her addiction affects her mother. “To kind of see her disappear, when I feel like I just started having the relationship I wanted to have with her, and for that to kind of maybe be short lived. That scares me. I don’t want to lose my mum," she reveals.

In a poignant moment for Brett, he reveals his inner most fear. “I want an opportunity to demonstrate to the people around me that I’m more than just a heroin addict,” he admits. “I know that you know that, I know that my mum knows that and I know that I don’t need to earn my dad’s approval, but I just want an opportunity to make up for the years I’ve spent constantly absent. So I’m scared thinking that I won’t have that chance and I won’t have enough time to prove to myself, to prove to the world, to prove to who ever, that I can do something.”


Warning: This video discusses drug use.

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