• One of Indu Harikumar's illustrations. (Instagram)Source: Instagram
A look at what happens after you both swipe right.
Sarah Norton

31 May 2016 - 1:53 PM  UPDATED 31 May 2016 - 2:19 PM

Indian Illustrator and storyteller Indu Harikumar is turning Indian Tinder stories into works of art and sharing them on Instagram.

The project, called #100IndianTinderTales, is a way of sharing different experiences of the dating app. The project started in April this year, where people would submit their stories to Harikumar. By mid-May, she had to set up guidelines for submissions, outlined on her Facebook page, to help manage the many contributions she was receiving. 

One requirement? At least one person in the story must be Indian to be featured in the project, which is not sponsored by Tinder. While Harikumar owns the illustrations she posts daily, she credits the stories to the contributors. 

The Mumbai-based artist receives stories that range from love narratives to intimate accounts and fleeting meetings, painting a very real picture of what it looks like within the world of Tinder in India.

Her latest was a, “frightfully personal story and [she] has been in two minds [about] whether to publish or not but here it is.”

There are stories of heterosexual love, gay love, sexual encounters, romance with expats, couples who get married, people recovering from past relationships and others who are trying not to let friends get involved in new love interests.

Among the beautiful stories there are the bad ones, too.

From it's small beginnings, the project has flourished in just 42 days. 

“When I first started this project, I barely had 4 stories and a few friends who Tindered who promised to contribute,” Harikuma wrote on Day 15 of the project.

“I wasn't sure how I would generate 100 stories given in the past I have uninstalled Tinder in less than 24 hours, sighing, "These creepy Indian men!" But this time I decided to stay, not be offended, engage, make screenshots of everything, date, get stories and have some fun. And suddenly the stories started pouring in from absolute strangers.”

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