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Other marriage proposals might seem slightly mediocre after reading this.
Sam Carroll

16 Mar 2017 - 2:24 PM  UPDATED 16 Mar 2017 - 2:57 PM

A man in Urumqi, China, proposed to his girlfriend in a slightly unorthodox manner.

Instead of selecting a diamond ring, Liu Fei instead chose a much rarer rock for his partner Wang Fangfang in the form of a "meteorite".

Liu purchased the other worldly boulder for around one million Yuan ($188,198 AU) after coming across it during a trip to the historic city of Kashgar in China's far west.

With Wang expressing that she liked the meteorite, Liu had it placed in a local square in Urumqi, the capital city of the Xinjiang region, managing to draw both a large crowd and a successful response to his proposal.

According to Liu the rock is a symbol of a stable marriage. The suitor also asked for her hand at 13:14pm as the numbers sound like "one life, one lifetime" when spoken in Chinese.

There are some doubts as to the authenticity of the boulder however, with questions surrounding both where exactly it came from, and the fact that its purported weight of 33 tonnes outweighs the two largest reported in Chinese history, with both measuring between 25 and 30 tonnes according to Space.com.

Other diverse proposals of love

'Lovespoons' are wooden spoons originating from 17th century Europe that are given to a woman by a suitor. The spoons are a symbol that the lovelorn young man is capable of both providing food for a family in addition to having the capability to produce woodwork.

In Niger, the men of the Wodaabe Fula tribe perform an annual courtship towards the end of September where they dress in intricate attire, cover their faces in traditional paint, and dance and sing to vie for the affections of young women seeking marriage.

In Fiji, it is common for a man to present his future parents-in-law with a whale's tooth or 'tabua' before asking for her hand in marriage, while the Imilchil Marriage Festival in Morocco is a yearly event allowing for local people from among the scattered tribes in the area to meet and find potential partners.

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